A Shruti Box is a small wooden instrument with bellows and recalls harmonium. It is most often used as a complement to other instruments.

Adjustable tabs provide lengthy notes that are like a wall of sound in the background. Nowadays the electronic Shruti box usually is used. The Shruti box that I have is not electronic but an acoustic physical instrument.

Before harmonium came to India the Tanpura was used to achieve the above sounds. But after the harmonium became popular it began to be used instead. Later invented a keyless version of harmonium which was named shruti box or sruti box. These instruments have controls on the top or side of the box to control pitch.

Shruti box is also used nowadays in Western music and in the early 90s Noirin Ní Riain took the instrument to Ireland where it has a smaller place in traditional Irish music.

This Shruti box, M1 Low G, is small, portable and robust. The instrument is hand made with materials chosen for its acoustic properties. The instrument is made of pine and teak. Pine provide a soft, warm tone and the massive teak a tonal clarity.

The instrument is tuned in Low G from G2 to G3 on the piano and has a dimension of 38 x 25 x 6.5 cm and weighs 3.5 kg.


from Some of the instruments in the recordings, released February 18, 1965


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Ekiwojjolo Uppsala, Sweden

Ekiwojjolo was founded in 2010 by Benil Steimer and since 2015, he plays together with Peter Nylund.

The music is DIY Lo-Fi recorded and is focusing on psychedelic, kraut and avantgarde.

Ekiwojjolo (Luganda) means butterfly and pronounced "edjiwoodjoloo".
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