Tibetan tingshas are two small cymbals with a leather strap or chain which used in prayer and rituals by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners. Cymbals are merged, producing a clear and high pitched tone. Tingshas size ranges from approximately 4-10 cm in diameter. A thick cymbal gives a unique long ringing. Antique tingshas are made of bronze. Today, they are made mostly of brass.

Tingshas are unique in form and function, and is different from Indian, Nepalese, Chinese, Turkish or other cymbals.

A traditional Tingsha are an religious tool in some Tibetan rituals. Today are Tingshas along with singing bowls and other instruments represented in meditation, music, yoga occh sound healing. Artists like Karma Moffett uses several pair of antique tingshas.


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Ekiwojjolo Uppsala, Sweden

Ekiwojjolo was founded in 2010 by Benil Steimer and since 2015, he plays together with Peter Nylund.

The music is DIY Lo-Fi recorded and is focusing on psychedelic, kraut and avantgarde.

Ekiwojjolo (Luganda) means butterfly and pronounced "edjiwoodjoloo".
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