Wind chimes are a chime with pipes, sticks, bells or other items that are often made of metal or wood. Wind chimes hanging usually outside a building as an ornamental and is played by the wind.

In parts of Asia considered wind chimes keep away evil spirits and brings happiness and energy and are used in Feng Shui.

Wind chimes are hung so that the center ball strikes the center of the wind game's length. The frequency is determined by the length, width, thickness and material. Pipe material helps determine the tone or "voice". Wind chimes can be made of materials other than metal or wood and in shapes other than tubes or rods. Such as glass, bamboo, shell, stone and porcelain. The tone depends on the material and the use of a solid cylinder or a tube. If a tube is used, the wall thickness also has an effect. The tone may also depend on how windchimes hanging.

We have two wind chimes. A small five metal rods of about 10 cm and a large four metal rods between 70 cm and 85 cm and a total length of 140 cm.


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Ekiwojjolo Uppsala, Sweden

Ekiwojjolo was founded in 2010 by Benil Steimer and since 2015, he plays together with Peter Nylund.

The music is DIY Lo-Fi recorded and is focusing on psychedelic, kraut and avantgarde.

Ekiwojjolo (Luganda) means butterfly and pronounced "edjiwoodjoloo".
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