With a Zen Tambour, you can make music in a variety of scales. Steve "Spike" Finch is the creator of the instrument and his idea is based on "Tank Drum". With a Zen Tambour, you can create beautiful music that is calm, hypnotic and zen. The drum looks as unique as it sounds.

The best way to play at a Zen Tambour is to sit with the drum in the knee. If the instrument is played on a hard surface, it is appropriate to place a towel to maintain resonance of the drum. Rotate the drum until the highest note on the bottom left. It does not matter which fingers you use and it is not how hard you hit, but how quickly you get your fingers away from the blades. You can also use drumsticks with a soft ball.

Spike built the layout in this way to make the drum easy to play on. Do you play fast, it can sound like a harp. Each drum is internally damped. A resonator is installed in the drum to increase the volume and gives a warmer tone.

This Zen tambour:
Number #183
Size 18"
11 note
Scale E Akebono


from Some of the instruments in the recordings, released February 18, 1965


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Ekiwojjolo Uppsala, Sweden

Ekiwojjolo was founded in 2010 by Benil Steimer and since 2015, he plays together with Peter Nylund.

The music is DIY Lo-Fi recorded and is focusing on psychedelic, kraut and avantgarde.

Ekiwojjolo (Luganda) means butterfly and pronounced "edjiwoodjoloo".
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